Behind the Name

In the year 732AD, malevolent conquest had spread like wildfire across North Africa, throughout Spain and was moving with a clamoring pace into the territories today known as France. All of Christendom was threatened, and all of Europa was endangered. If it were not for one Roman Catholic monarch, the entire history of the world would have been quite different. This man who courageously led the Frankish armies to meet the oppressive foe was Charles Martel, "The Hammer." Against crushing odds and with the fate of Europe's survival in his hands, Charles The Hammer and the army of God dealt a devastating blow to the foreign hordes, defeating tens of thousands of invaders and buffeting the attempting colonizers.


Hammer Bound is the inevitability to militant conflict in the face of evil. By duty and necessity of all that he loved, the good Frankish monarch knew that he must stand like an Oak and crush like a Hammer.


Like Charles Martel, we must fight, no matter the odds, for our faith, for our culture and for our people. Like Charles Martel, we are Hammer Bound!



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